Due to the non-porous nature of terrazzo floors, the cleaning required is virtually minimal. Unlike carpet, vinyl flooring or tile, a terrazzo floor will almost certainly never need replacement, even when located in high-traffic areas


First of all, what you should look for when choosing a terrazzo flooring is reliability. Terrazzo floors can be installed anywhere – in public or residential premises -in the children’s room, bedroom, store, office, lobby, exhibition hall, hallway, staircase and other areas.

Terrazzo has a very long life span – 30-40 years even in places with busy movement. If you want to invest in a reliable material that does not require a repair every year or two, which means you will have additional costs for maintenance, a terrazzo floor will be the perfect choice

Terrazzo flooring ideas – practical solutions with great aesthetics

An additional advantage is the large variety of colors which allows the designers to implement unique solutions in the interiors. A modern monochromatic look, or an artistic piece looking like a classic Italian mosaics – all this can be achieved.

Terrazzo and Surfaces tiles are available in any size and color

Terrazzo floors are beautiful and durable and they are absolutely worth the cost. To achieve a beautiful figure and ideal surface requires high professionalism and very expensive equipment but you could get terrazzo flooring tiles and creates designs.